Water Softeners

Adding a Water Softener onto your incoming mains water supply has many benefits. They are usually installed under the kitchen sink, however these can also be installed wherever best suits you and your home.

The mains water will pass through the Softener and your home will feel the benefits of softened water.

water softeners installed by Putney Plumbers
Benefits of a Water Softener

The many benefits are: cleaner and shinier silverware, tiles, mirrors, limescale free showers and even softer skin and hair! Water softeners dilute and then remove the concentration of minerals in hard water. These minerals can build up in appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and shorten their life and decrease their efficiency.

One of the most important benefits with a water softener is that you will have longer appliance lifespans which will prevent you having to frequently replace these appliances, save yourself considerable amounts of money, and also reduce waste to the environment.

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